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Ten ways to help towards a Test Pass.

  • Observation. Not only good essential mirror work throughout the drive but also checking blind spots at all times.

  • Good clutch control. Stalling on a driving test does not always necessarily mean a fail on a driving test, but with good clutch control this reduces that possibility.

  • Dealing with meeting situation correctly. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to slow down or stop at any given moment even if you have the right of way.

  • Forward Planning. Reading the road ahead taking in road markings and signs making sure of early planning. Good general road positioning i.e. keeping 3 feet or 1 metre from the kerb should be exercised throughout.

  • Making progress along the road. Driving to a speed appropriate to the conditions either not driving too fast or slow as you drive.

  • Speed on approach: to junctions, roundabouts, crossroads and the like. Slowing down well enough with early observation is a positive move. It will help you with your decision making as to when to proceed.

  • Speed limits, not breaking them! Observing and reacting in good time. A good tip would be to check your speedometer so you’re speed does not exceed the speed limit. Having said that if the conditions dictate and are good then drive up to the speed limit.

  • Positioning correctly on approach to turn left and right; including emerging at T junctions also using the Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Look routine (MSPSL). This also includes right turns when there are no road markings as a guidance for correct positioning.

  • Anticipation of other road users. What might they do? Where’s he going etc.? Suggestion would be; Identify hazard, check mirrors, slow down and then drive away when appropriate using the correct gear. Be aware of what is happening behind you and be ready for anything that comes your way.

  • Showing you are a safe driver with the correct attitude in all situations. I always mention to my pupils “ to drive in a business-like fashion”. Going up through the gears, looking and planning ahead, being aware of the far, middle and near distance, taking in the road ahead.

  • We offer lessons in the following:
    Refreshers, Intensive, Pass-Plus, Motorway, Free Theory, Advanced, Beginners.
    We welcome anyone who wants to learn to drive, or refresh their skills, including particularly nervous pupils. For a professional, reliable, patient and friendly driving instructor, come to Alpha School of Motoring today.

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